Monday, June 20, 2011


  1. Cheney -Hevener Nice - and Leslie Caron..all cowards fucking HOLLYWOOD.... like DEPP- DEMI- STING.
    SC CO in the UN and NC , full of AK's and HEROIN!
    People understanding that the only way they can win is go after the corrupt governments .
    That and the military, overpowers the entire globe...and that means HOLLYWOOD.

  2. hello mark, what is the media did you use? you have really great colors.

  3. Hey Mark, How the bleeding ell do we get in contact with you???? Got a proposal!

  4. Hey Mark. I drew this animation of you for a project at uni, where we had to create a GIF of our biggest hero. I was gonna do a picture of a monster sized super hero, but decided that a bit of gonz was needed! You're an inspiration to so many skaters and have the best outlook on life ever!! Keep being rad and thanks for keeping me stoked! Hope you like it

  5. Love those illustrations.
    Thanks for sharing!

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